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About Vanilla


Vanilla Provides a Modern Community Platform

More than ever, your customers want a voice within a community of others who all share a common interest and purpose.

With so many sites competing for attention, a successful community must be engaging and reward member participation. Vanilla provides a modern community platform to organizations who want to improve customer service, increase advocacy, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Founded in 2010, Vanilla started as an open source project. Today, Vanilla's software-as-a-service (cloud) offering helps hundreds of top brands provide a great community experience to millions of people around the globe.

Our Management Team

Luc Vezina, Chief Executive Officer

Luc is is a B2B SaaS veteran and is responsible for Vanilla’s vision and strategy.

Todd Burry, Chief Product Officer

Todd co-founded Vanilla. He is responsible for the product roadmap and software architecture.

Tim Gunter, Chief Operating Officer

Tim oversees Vanilla’s product infrastructure and day to day operations.

Melanie Attia, Vice-President, Marketing

Mel is responsible for marketing strategy, demand generation and branding.

Derek Bayford, Vice-President, Sales

Derek is responsible for growing Vanilla and driving global sales.

Lincoln Russel, Director, R&D

Linc manages Vanilla’s development teams and OSS community.

Derrick Eason, Director, Customer Experience

Derrick helps customers acheive success using Vanilla products.