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wordpress comments embedded?

ajonesmaajonesma Member
edited April 2012 in Questions
I know that the website comments feature in the wordpress plugin isn't quite done, but I've noticed today that when you go to sign in when leaving a comment on our blog ( and it returns after signing in, it like embeds the page inside itself.

Also if I click on a comment author's name it embeds his profile right there in the comments.

I've noticed on it doesn't do this, not sure if there is a fix or maybe a plugin conflicting with it or not.


  • This is what it does when you click on a comment authors username from the blog:

  • Good catch. We'll get this sorted out asap.
  • Hi @ajonesma - I took a closer look at this, and discovered that you were using a mixture of 2 different features. Just an hour ago we officially pushed the code for our new embed feature, which replaces the old "Embed Vanilla" plugin.

    I just disabled the "embed vanilla", and then enabled the new "Embed Forum" feature (located in your Dashboard under "Forum Settings" > "Embed Forum"), and that fixed everything.
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